M.K. Lansbury
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A ghostwriter for a number of successful books and novels of all genres, M.K. Lansbury has finally decided to begin writing stories that are the most important to her:

Heartwarming tales.

In a day and time where it seems like sex and violence are prerequisites, what makes her happiest is the ability to be able to make a reader smile, swoon and be inspired.

Born in Canada, M.K. Lansbury has lived and travelled all over. She’s now finally mining that experience as inspiration. For the AN ANGEL IN DISGUISE series she draws upon a place she once lived. For STRANGER IN THE FIELDS she draws upon her experience living near an Amish community while in college. For her new UNDER THE SAME ROOF sweet small town romance novel, she mines growing up in cold, small town Canada.

M.K. has now found a home and has a loving family – and so many stories to share with the world.

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