M.K. Lansbury


A headstrong woman. An enigmatic stranger. She didn't believe in love until she met her guardian angel.

A new series of four novellas in which a young woman returns to her upstate New York hometown to look into a mystery and discovers something much bigger and more powerful than she could ever imagine...

Guardian angels exist.

And she falls in love with hers.

In the vein of the film City of Angels and books by writers like Karen Kingsbury, the AN ANGEL IN DISGUISE series is a sweet, clean romance with some suspense, paranormal, magical realism and thrilling aspects - but most importantly an exploration of what makes someone believe in something larger than them.


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Falling: Book 1

Teresa returns to her family’s old summer home in upstate New York to attend the funeral of her older brother. It’s a place that she’s scared to visit – her parents died there when she was quite young that accident caused her to lose a bit of herself – and her faith in God. As she investigates her brother’s death she meets – and is saved from a near-death situation by – a mysterious stranger, Gabe, whom she immediately finds herself attracted to. As Gabe assists her with the case and she falls for him, she discovers something even more startling:

He’s an angel sent to protect her.



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Rising: Book 2

Teresa has met – and fallen for – her guardian angel.

In love with Gabe, her guardian angel, Teresa has decided to stay in Park-on-Hudson. But when she randomly finds herself saved again by Gabe during a robbery, she wonders if she’s allowing Gabe to have too much control over her. So, against Gabe’s wishes, she decides to investigate and research theories of angels and in the process encounters two children that remind herself and her late brother. But with them come further danger – and the fear that Gabe may not always be there for her.


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Fighting: Book 3

Teresa has met and fallen in love with her guardian angel? But how long will he be there for her?

As Teresa falls deeper in love with Gabe, she starts to wonder how long he’ll be around. With increased success as an academic, coupled with a non-committal Gabe, she decides that she needs a break from him – but in doing so she ends up causing him to choose between saving her and living.


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Living: Book 4

The love of Teresa’s life, Gabe, is gone. But will he return?

Two months after Gabe’s disappearance, Teresa is ready to move on – by moving away from Park-on-Hudson. But when she begins to receive small messages she wonders if it’s him. But if she continues to look for him will she put her own life – and others – at risk?

The concluding story in the An Angel in Disguise series, this book explores how far someone would go to be with the person they love.


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